The Brand

{meaning: joyous in disposition or spirit; full of cheerfulness or gaiety }

Blithe & Merry is a young Singaporean jewellery label that was established in 2015 with the mission to design and handcraft statement-making jewellery that makes women happy. Our vision is to be the go-to jewellery brand that creates luxurious, statement pieces for women who want to stand out.

The brand started out with a collection of hand-forged wire jewellery embellished with semi-precious stones and old-school charms, and used unconventional materials, like shrink plastic, in its designs.

Our founder and designer, Joanna Wee, soon noticed that there was a rarity of statement genuine leather cuffs at accessible prices in the market. In the same year of establishing the brand, Joanna designed and launched a collection of luxurious statement genuine leather cuffs fit for both day and night. We went on to expand our product line to include bold necklaces and earrings, which was well-received by our customers. 

At Blithe & Merry, we are firm believers that making a fashion statement can be affordable, without compromising design and quality. Dedicated to making our customers feel special and stand out, the brand also values exclusivity, which means that all our designs are distinctive and made in limited quantities.

We also use bright, cheery colours and statement-making elements to reflect our brand personality of being sophisticated yet edgy, luxurious yet accessible, elegant yet fun. As the only Singaporean jewellery label that uses genuine leather in our designs, we make high-quality, eye-catching, and lightweight jewellery that lasts for a long time. 

Our Founder

 Joanna Wee is a Singaporean jewellery designer and  crafter, and the founder of Blithe & Merry. After obtaining her Certificate of Fundamentals in Jewellery Design and Certificate of Metal Clay Fabrication (Silver) from the Jewellery Design Management International School (JDMIS) in Singapore, she officially launched her jewellery brand in 2015 with the mission to make women happy when they put on her handcrafted and unique designs.

Joanna’s first step into the world of handmade jewellery was taken in 2005 when she was a tertiary student. What started out as a simple birthday gift to a good friend turned into a passion, and then became a side business while she worked in the corporate world, and eventually became a full-time business for her when she left her office job to concentrate on being a mother to her 2 young children.

Through her 14 years of jewellery-making journey, Joanna has evolved from putting together beads and charms to form cutesy and kitschy designs, to more feminine and elegant pieces that involve intense wirework, to edgy and bold pieces made from genuine leather. Her designs are now stocked at METRO Centrepoint, Design Orchard, The Cinnamon Room, and SPUR.